Choosing the right lighting above your kitchen island can be a tricky decision. You have to firstly consider whether you want the pendant/s to light up your Island surface or are you simply after a beautiful piece that is more sculptural than functional.

With this in mind you may want some flush ceiling lights for the downwards projection of light onto your surface, whilst the pendant/s above can glow in all its beauty with low glow globes.

If you wanting not to have flush ceiling lights in combination with your pendant/s then i would suggest pendants with a shade that will direct the light downwards onto the Island be used.

Next you will need to measure up your Island. In most cases we would use two or three pendants to fill the elongated shape of the island. You would need to divide the size of the intended pendant/s into the length of the Island to make sure it looks balanced.

We often create a centre beam for the pendants to hang from giving a slightly industrial feel. The use of different timbers and cloth cords can give a fantastic look and choosing colours picked up from your existing colour pallet makes everything tie in nicely.